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Technical details

The phenomenon of crushing materials of any hardness is attributable to the creation of zones in the resonance vortex mill that has a pressure gradient of up to hundreds of thousands of Mpa's, the generation of multi-stage pulsing resonance, of particles. 

These effects are similar to those that develop in the air of a tornado column created by nature.

If for torsion (blast) mills the use of compressed air at pressures of 0.7-1.4 MPa is characteristic, then in the pulsed vortex mill a similar effect is reached with 0.2-0.6 MPa, which substantially decreases expenses and makes it possible to obtain particularly fine powders, which cannot be achieved by other methods. 

Due to adiabatic expansion, a decrease in temperature of the work environment occurs, which makes it possible to prevent local heating and thermal degradation of the milled material.

This new technology makes it possible to obtain micro-dusts with a granulometry of 1-5 microns of all materials, drying them and eliminating at the same time odors and potential pathogens, expanding, even more, the fields of application.

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Summary of some important data

• The system management electronics will control the various parts, both for work and plant safety, and can be managed from local and remote.

• The system is scalable and can be built according to customer needs, and the demonstration unit is available for testing.

• The treatment speed is only a few seconds, so it is not difficult to think about increasing the treatment performance of the materials and increasing the production and therefore the benefits.

Mobile system: As the system is entirely transportable, one can think of approaching the collection points, thus reducing the high transport costs and avoiding the purchase of additional large screening machines.

• For the gold sector, being able to recover even the smallest particles, you can rework previously discarded materials, which treated with different methods, indeed, have parts of the precious element of interest in it.

• Wanting to save even more, some parts upstream and downstream can be built on site, on our executive drawings, at lower costs and without shipping costs.

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