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Gabriele Cacciamani

I speak Italian, English, French

Sales Director

Alain Mangion

I speak Maltese, English, Italian

Ian (Knobby) Jones

I speak English

Australia and New Zealand

Ing. Helena Kravtsova

I speak Italian and Russian

Said Mannouni

I speak Arabic, French, Italian

Konstantin Belov

I speak Russian, English, Italian

Richard Biscan

I Speak English

North America

Tom Enstice

I Speak English

North America


I Speak Spanish, Portughese

South America

Paolo Balò

I Speak Italian, English, French

Mauro Biggio

I Speak Italian

Nilo Fontani

I speak Italian

Domizio Cipriani

I Speak Italian, French, English

Serge Silvestri

I Speak Italian, French

Carlo Sensi

I speak Italian, Portuguese

Irakli Morchiladze

I Speak Georgian, Russian, English

Edit Fitos

I Speak Hungarian, Slovak, Italian

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Our team include people coming from 15 countries around the world 

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