Almost any material in any industry

The FDL technology performs:

1. Non-contact micronization, useful for all materials that tend to be packed and reduce the efficiency of traditional mills

2. Inert and sanitize micro-powder from bacteria, viruses, pathogens

3. Eliminate every trace of smell

4. Total dehydration of the powders

The possible recovery of the water present in the product upstream of the process, is a further advantage, both in weight reduction (for example the sewage sludge and organic products) and in the reuse of the water that will be condensed and usable.


Below are some of the most common applications, but being required to micronize materials in many fields and industry sectors, the requests we get to know on a daily basis, are continually increasing.


FDL technology is the first non-contact mill, that, with a single treatment, separate paper, plastic and metal caps, reducing glass in homogeneous particulates up to microns sizes, giving the opportunity to have clean glass powder.

Other industries look for a very homogeneous glass powder. It has a very high value on the market. The glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs and housing components for the hermetic sealing of highly sensitive electronics are used in a wide range of industries, like automotive, aviation, aerospace, defense, communication, oil and gas, and several others. Special glass powders can be used in cosmetics and as a component for dental implants.


In this particular sector, in addition to the fixed FDL system, which reduces the areas to be made available for treatments and increases the daily quantities of treated material starting from 1 tonne every 4/6 minutes, it benefits from the fact that it can be made transportable, going to handle the minerals directly from small miners. Water is separated and usable. The dry separation system is also available on request, making the whole working cycle much more efficient, and without the addition of chemical components for processing, giving essential benefits, both economically and to nature. Treatment of rocks containing auriferous material, silver, etc. it can be performed in a single pass, and the separation takes place in real time equal to the micronisation time. 


FDL technology is able to implode bricks, tiles, reinforced cement (previously deprived of iron cages), asphalts (removed from roads), sewage pipes, lightened slabs or prestressed cements and what else in the field of inerts; once treated, are reduced to micro-powders, which are re-mixed with traditional or non- traditional binders, to give them a new life. The micro powder produced, can be reused as filler instead of sands or other powders. Due to the high difference of these materials, we recommend to study with specialized engineers the quality and characteristics of the produced powders before use it.

Chemical industry:

The products to be micronized for the chemical industry are many and such are also the complexities deriving from the shredding of the same. With the FDL technology, everything is resolved with a single machine, which can work every type of material, making the change of processing only by setting the new software parameters from the control system always supplied and easy to use.

Food industry

The food dehydration process is not new, but the possibility of being able to do without sophisticated equipment, without generating odors, and especially in such fast time that it can not even compare with current technologies, and make our FDL implosor an element that becomes indispensable in these industrial processes. In one single step, in addition to pulverizing, it removes water, eliminates and destroys any viral, bacteriological formation from the food, leaving intact all the organoleptic properties of the treated substances. In the FDL process, you can also include spoiled food, giving life back to it, because the basic properties remain unchanged and do not need to throw away anything.

Harvesting food industry

Dedicated to the industries that collect or process food crops such as hazelnuts, peanuts, coffee and similar, which must eliminate peels and external parts not of interest, and without damaging the precious internal part that will then be sold for the subsequent phases, our system ensures fast results, without the addition of additional substances and without altering the fruit.

Slaughterhouses, bones, and scraps

All the leftovers of the slaughterhouses can be inserted in such a way of the micronization unit, eliminating all pathogenic, odoriferous, etc., and making a dry, odorless and stable powder that can be made available to other applications and uses, but above all selling it and not paying for its disposal.

Solid urban waste sector

The solid urban waste can be managed and processed through this system, which allows an instant pulverization, thus eliminating odors and pathogenic effects connected to these products. A sharp decrease in the work areas and total elimination of odors benefit all the communities adjacent to this plant. A pelletizer can be supplied as an option making it easier to transport the resulting materials, which could also be used as fuel for energy production. Plants for this purpose are in our catalog and available for these applications.

Water treatment plant and industrial sludges

Each water treatment plant generates significant quantities of sludges to be disposed at high costs, to which must add the fact that they must be stored and handled with odors generation and sources of other various problems. Our system can definitively solve this problem, eliminating in a single stepthe solids contained into the water, bacteria and possible pathogenic substances contained therein. Weights and quantities decrease drastically making these substances easier to displace in place or transport. As an option, we can add a module to convert the powder in pellets becoming a fertilizer: waste is entirely recycled.

Other applications

We have tested more than 200 applications in our laboratory, and we feel confident that we can talk about your needing. Feel free to contact us anytime, send to our staff your requests and technical specification of your product to be treated and our team will answer to you.

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