About us
Full team of researchers at your service

FDL History

The activity on this project started in 2000, and it looks 17 years of study to reach the actual level. We built 86 units having better results one after the other and after 3 years of a heavy test in an industrial process, we have decided to introduce the technology to the market. 

Who we are

We are an open group of 135 people, specialized in multiple disciplines, who work for the wellness of our planet and the humankind. Architects, Engineers, Physicists and more professionals persons give their time and knowledge to make a step beyond, every day.

We are researchers and thanks to the daily customer unique requests, we are glad to constantly develop new applications to meet your requirements.


Meet Our Executive Team

Gianmaria Barbotto

R&D Coordinator


Gabriele Cacciamani


Sales management

Marco Leuzzi

Director - CFO

Director of Administration

some of main partners and support team 

Aldo Barbieri

Technology Transfer


Claudio Enrico

Investor Relations

Giovanna Senia

Public Relation Italy

Anna Eltsova

Public relation International

Olga Rybina


Massimiliano Noce


Dan Winter

 Fractal space-time implosion scientist

Luigi Arnoldi


Francesco Tommaselli

Operation Supervisor

Mauro Nosari

Electronic dept.

Diego Rosani

Chemical dept.

Damiano Librandi

Mechanical dept.

Stefano Scala

Environmental dept.

Marcello Librandi

Engines dept.

Savio Corradini

Laboratory organizer

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