Introducing the FDL Technology 

FDL Technology is changing the milling era

The patented new technology is a breaking-through innovation which allows to gain dressing or grinding or to extract elements from ores, water, sewage, techno genic-waste and to defragment the particles to the size of 5 microns as gaining of micro powders of the rare-earths, variously compounded micro powders.

We apply frequencies instead of mechanical action and we can select which material we would like to mill in the inlet materials, all the other types of materials will exit as they enter

From any material to micro-powder

FDL Technology, micronize, sterilize, dehydrate and mix in a single process

More time you process the materials into the FDL, more separations achieved, or merely, a further reduction from micrometers to nanometers apply.

The materials entering the mill are micronized only if the breaking frequencies of the individual molecules apply during the process. The elements not affected, exit as they are to perform the separation process efficiently. 

FDL - Non-Contact Electronic Mill

Inside electronic mills a new technology with non-contact milling of materials is being used, in which the milling processes are performed by means of an air vortex, artificially produced in an enclosed space of the processing chamber of the mill

Since conventional shredders, based on the principle of mechanical action have almost reached upscale of their technological limits, the main target lays in the development of processes and devices in many sectors aimed to intensify the physic-chemical reactions in turbulent, cavitation, vortex, film and inkjet in small devices with the release of the crushed product to gain sub-micron level highly homogeneous (uniform), suspensions, emulsions and powders.

Not only the implementation of many processes in similar ways can be effective in terms of costs and performance, but also allow to radically improve the efficiency and to create a new technology to gain new products that cannot be manufactured through using traditional methods.

Why use FDL Technology instead of others?


  • Higher processing efficiency

  • Reduction in processing costs

  • Reduction in energy consumption

  • Reduction in maintenance and servicing of equipment

  • Reduction in space requirements

  • The elimination of many handling issues

  • Significant savings in capital construction costs

Important notes

  • FDL technology performs non-contact micronization, useful for all the materials that tend to be packed and reduce the efficiency of traditional mills.
  • FDL Technology Eliminates pathogens and odors
  • FDL performs processing tasks at substantially less cost and with higher efficiency than conventional equipment


We offer a range of solutions to meet your business needs, tailored to your application and seamlessly integrated into your existing process.

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FDL Plants are totally made in Italy

We sell our FDL plants to the world, trough the internal sales network and our distributors only.

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